Comments - I Never Will Forget You (Extremely Long)

breeanna at 2007-08-06

To long

yoyi at 2007-08-09

I love this poem is so cute

Ian Vincent at 2007-08-09

Hey man I really dont have the proper words to say for your loss and I dont think I should try but just wanna say that that was an amzingly good poem, I along with you and many others have had many a death of very loved ones I only hope you have or are recovering from this! you write flipping amzing man thank you for the read! Tis an honor to read such amazing work

cheers, keep up man!

Lacey Marie ( P ) at 2007-08-14

Omg Stephen..This Poem Is prolly one of the best ones i've read so far..I really enjoyed it and it almost made me cry! Keep it up!

Much Love,
Lacey Marie

Imogen ( F C D ) at 2007-08-15

A very well written but very sad poem. It didn't seem long when I was reading it and it's an amazing poem...
If it's true then god bless you and your friend
It's great poetry and keep up the good work


britty at 2007-08-16

All i can say is that if that is true i know how you feel i lost my girl the same way but i really liked it. it really touched home for me wow.....

sarah at 2007-08-17


cassie at 2007-08-18

Wow that was deffinatley the best poem i have ever read!!
it was so beautiful yet so sad. it brought tears to my eyes. it didnt really matter that it was so long it wouldnt have been as fantastic if it was shorter once i started reading it i was drawn in and couldnt stop i just wanted to say how much i truely loved it. im sorry for your loss though it must have been terrible, i cant even imagain.
keep writting your a fantastic poet

Cassie xx

ana bianca at 2007-08-19

Was this true???!! how sad a poem was... but you know keep up good...... no your not good!!!!!!! youre excelent..... sorry!

Juanita ( F ) at 2007-08-20

Wow I got to the end like"where the rest?", but i dont read long poems like these but something made me say and read it and i loved it!

Kenny ( F P C D ) at 2007-08-22

. . . So so fantastic. . really. . when i am reading this long yet so short poem, the hairs of my skin
is crawling through out my body. . so sad.
I'm sorry for what happened. . its not the end of the world my friend.. by the way keep it up.. 5/5.
really great. . . ^^,

Andrea at 2007-08-22

This was a great poem it made me cry like so much its so sad but it made me understand a lot and to realize stuff that I'm going through I'm like so sad cause the guy i love doesn't love me back but then when i think back i realize that at least i get to see him like everyday and try a new beginning because he hasn't really left just the feelings he had towrds me and I rrreeaalllyy want to thank you for making me understand that. And i don't know if this really happened to you but it seems like it did and i just wanted to say I'm sorriies :/

Unbroken heart at 2007-08-23

Wow i dont know what to say i guess my tears say it all.... its a great poem and i enjoyed reading. Grreat poem and its realy sentimental u did a great job...

Keep up the good work i enjoy reading your poetrys.

janelle kahn at 2007-08-23

THis was just breathe taing and i for one have lost but not like you ! I cry everynight and the pain never goes away ! Its been two years and i cant move on or do anything!There is always is face and tears!And my son to remind me !God bless you ! you are amazzing !

Alissa at 2007-08-23


Ivelize at 2007-08-24

That poem was beautiful, I almost cried. Great job. I loved it.

God Bless You,


sTaRiEyEd at 2007-08-25

Wow that was incredible im so sorry for your loss he must have ment alot to you i sometimes wish that my ex was dead just because he treated me so badly but then i read somthin like this and i feel so terrible nowing that atleast i can still see him but for others people die that we love
im so very sorry you did wonderful on you poem though

OJ at 2007-08-31

That was brilliant

absolutely fantastic

so much emotion put into the words


HurtingHeart ( P ) at 2007-08-31

That is a great poem.....tears came to my eyes lol....but seriously it was good!! Really good!! 5/5!!

Monica at 2007-08-31

...that was very beautifully written.....

it made me cry and it hurt my head
i really want to give you a hug right now a huge gigantic hug!

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