Comments - To My Unborn Child...

Eckoz ( F P ) at 2005-07-29

man this poem rocks man. i really like it. this is really awsome! keep up the fantastic work man.

tiara at 2005-07-29

thats a good poem you are going to be a exellent father i wish i had one

~♥~Ebby at 2005-07-30

i absolutely LOVED this poem it was sooo sad

Linda Robbins at 2005-07-30

i really loved your poem. It had such feeling in it.

lina at 2005-07-30

wow i was touched by this poem your wife or girlfriend and your son is really lucky you seem so sweet and kind woow im impress by your work and congradulations


Manipulated Child ( F D ) at 2005-07-30

1 word... STUNNING

norla delgado at 2005-07-31

this poem really touched my heart it has meaning to it

Leah Astrologo at 2005-07-31

This is so touchable... I love this.. it makes my tears fall down...

Bridgette ( C ) at 2005-07-31

Truely beautiful, you will definitely make a great father. *adds you to favorites*

Hey, check out my poems sometime.

Again, very good work.


Pink Wishes ( F ) at 2005-07-31

omg this is so sweet. love it!!<33


Mark Hopwood ( P ) at 2005-08-01

Hi Michael, just want to say what an excelent poem and congratulations too, i'm about to become an uncle any time now, now the same but still great. Have a great life with your son i'm sure he'll shine brightly.

ashley at 2005-08-01

that is a really sweet poem i love it! great job! i really like!

alexis at 2005-08-01

i like ure poem its nice

вιттεяѕωεεт ( F C ) at 2005-08-01

Wow, that was absolutley wonderful.
Well done!!


Chantique at 2005-08-01

That is so sweet. You are going to be a great father.

cRueLa at 2005-08-02

its...awesome.. your incredible..*wink..=D

Alain ( F P C D ) at 2005-08-02

It's a darn shame that the highest vote possible is a five...I thought it was an amazing poem, Really enjoyed reading it...Thanks for the good read!!!

Haley at 2005-08-02

woah. that was amazing. you sound like you are going to be the happiest father and have a son who is going to love you so much. great writing. my baby Raine died when he was just eight weeks old, and i am almost jealous of you. i hope you have the best life imagianable. Peace and Love, Haley

Kelly at 2005-08-02

This is an excellent poem. Great job. Beautifully done.

Hans Fausto ( P C ) at 2005-08-02

This poem is just so heart warming...i love this dude...hope to see more poems like this..keep it up:D

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