Comments - The Drunk Driver

Dancer95 at 2012-02-24

The ending just hit me w/a full bag of chills O.O this made me cry :'(

tainted melody ( F P C D ) at 2012-03-01

This was amazing and it flowed beautifully with such emotion...but just a recommendation...if your poems become to depressing people might stop reading them because they don't want to always read the sad story. But as you know I love all of your stuff :)

Peter Daniels at 2012-03-31

O.M.G. !! A beautifully written poem, but such a tragic tale. Stirring emotions. Well done.!!!

allex0r at 2014-10-31

Beautiful but tragic ;(

Michael Latsky at 2015-11-07

Sometimes we have to write sad stories but keep yourself centered in love otherwise you could grow mad I guess

sad at the end but good read

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