Comments - I Never Will Forget You (Extremely Long)

Andi ( F P C ) at 2007-09-01

I'm amazed! there is so much emotion in that poem...although it is long it seemed to go by really fast. its intreaging and beautiful! i loved it. its sad and sweet, brought tears to my eyes. out of all the poems on this site this one especially made me want to cry.

VaNiLLa PaiN ( F C D ) at 2007-09-03

OMG Stephen.... That's all I can say. This is..... Whoa. I'm crying and... Whoa.

Jesus ( C D ) at 2007-09-04

*speechless* It made me cry....

latent girl at 2007-09-23

Im sorry about that & i love it
u got a great talent

Kenny ( F P C D ) at 2007-09-30

Great ! Great ! Great ! I have nothing to say.
Sorry for what happen. T_T

Justine H G at 2007-10-27

That, i must admit, was the best poem I have ever read. You my friend, are amazing beyond belief. You are an incredible poet. I absolutely LOVE your poems. They are soooo touching. You are amazing, simply amazing. I cannot even imagine myself writting such a heartwarming thing. You are an inspiration to all. This person in your poem, was a very lucky person to have you in your life (if it is a true story of course) but really, any guy or girl would be incredibly lucky to have you. you really made my heart melt.
5 out of 5

Jean at 2007-11-03

Love it

Abused101 ( F C D ) at 2007-11-04

This is very sad but very beautiful steven.. Great job i hope this ist true and its just a poem.. And if it is real i totaly understand how you feel

brittany hudson at 2007-11-06

Is this poem true is it about you

Xlo at 2007-11-07

That was friggen amazing even though everyone else said so too. hah, but yeah wow. 5/5 wish i could give you more

very nice

Emilie ( F P ) at 2007-11-14

That was absolutly amazing. It pulled me in so much that i felt what was put into that poem and it filled my heart with ake. it mad my eyes fill with tears as i read each line.
This is one of the most beautifulest, an amazing poems i've ever read. Everything in it just jumps at the ready and almost shows them what it felt like.
I hope you never change this.
The langth wasn't that bad, i didn;t ind reading it because it really pulls the readers in.
Once again amazing work.
I hope to read some more of your work.


zeinab at 2007-11-15

Hi stephen tthis has a great effect in me it is great and really it's the best poem i had ever read i don't know what to say coz after i read it all my feeling has break down it makes me cry and imagine the accinedt great job and keep going thank you for it

tweety2000g at 2007-11-19

I really like it ... I appreciate your efforts to do your best .. well done !

Raisa at 2007-11-20

Cool well done...:p

Jamie at 2007-11-26

I don't know what to say Stephen, your poem is sad and captivating

blue angel at 2007-11-27

Kinda confuse, is stephen a girl or a boy?

Iana Manalang at 2007-11-28

It IS Long...hahahaha!

Amy Jo ( F P ) at 2007-11-28

This was really good, long but good and a little repetitive but you'll get the hang of it...

Kristina ( F P C D ) at 2007-11-29

Wow! That was so good! So beautiful, so.. sad. I was wiping tears from my eyes and i could feel ur pain and anguish and sadness and depression through your words. wonderful word choice and flow. I have a really short attention span so for me to get through taht and actually know what i read was amazing! you did a wonderful job keep it up!

Kayla at 2007-11-29

This poem is amazing! I deff. gave you 5/5!! The length wasn't bad- you kept my attention throughout this entire poem. I'm dating a man who is termially ill and the chances of him passing scares me.

Thanks for sharing this.

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