Comments - Ending Her Cries

xolani at 2014-02-20

If really it means to stop her cries i would die

Eldah Viljoen at 2014-04-22

Nice... too romantic... teardrop

Autumn Leaves ( F C D ) at 2014-06-09

This poem is more like a short story; however, with that being said, I thought it was well crafted and romantic.

Nicely done.....AL

Polly ( F C D ) at 2014-11-02

Quite dramatic! The first half seemed so gentle and romantic that I wasn't really expecting the ending. But that made me think about the poem afterwards which is good, and I actually like that for me there is so much that is left unanswered. x

Gayle McMillan at 2015-08-01

Wow, the gift of telling a beautiful story in poetic form; Truly amazing! The emotions and feelings were powerful. I felt like it was a movie playing out in my mind. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your gift.

Ihedigbo adaku at 2015-08-12

Awwwww,so beautiful.welldone

Ilebuni at 2015-09-14


Michael Archer at 2016-03-15

The story itself was very nice. The grammar however, was quite poor.

Michael Archer at 2016-03-15

"But in the inside I was getting mad."

This is redundant. "On the inside" is more appropriate.

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