Comments - To My Unborn Child...

BROKen2PEIces ( F ) at 2005-08-02

I can relate to this poem b/c my sisters having a baby soon.Very good write.5/5

Tashan ( F ) at 2005-08-03

You truly captured a parent's in-depth perception of a child on the way. This poem is written with a high degree of intelligence and emotion. It's inspiring to read and really touches the heart. You have a real talent. Best of luck.

yolanda at 2005-08-04

excellent.i hope your son comes out healthy and beatiful and brings happiness to your life.

rhiannon at 2005-08-04

thats the most beautyful poem ever i just became an aunt not the same i know but i love her just the way you describe hope everything is perfect good luck

tamila bob ( C ) at 2005-08-04

good poem my sister is pregant!!

carly at 2005-08-04

That is the best poem i have read on this website so far it really touched me it was excellent keep it up you have tallent

¤¨°`:¹×°Ŕęŋėę°×¹:` at 2005-08-05

this poem is soo sweet. i wish all guys thought like you!!!!!!!!

angel becca at 2005-08-05

that was really good and it was sweet

lee at 2005-08-05

hi i hope you read this comment even though you have so many but i just wanted to say that that was amazing and great use of words and poetry and it was all so true and i would really enjoy your thoughts on my poems b/cos im sure your opinion would help.thanx heaps cya

Mat at 2005-08-05

great job man, I'm impressed

April at 2005-08-05


Brandi at 2005-08-06

that was. great.


Beth Prosser at 2005-08-06

thats the sweetest thing i have ever read and i hope all your dreams for your son come true. best wishes, beth

Saribel at 2005-08-07

thats was good i cryed ill apperciate if u comment 1 of my poems thanxs keep up the work

Laura ( F P C D ) at 2005-08-07

I love the way you express yourself in this poem. I could feel the love just reading it! Awsome poem. I'd love to hear what you think bout some of mine. I'm adding you to my favs list!!

Jess at 2005-08-08

great poem
it really touched me
keep it up

Enigmatist at 2005-08-08

great poem keep it up

Loreen Ortiz at 2005-08-08

I love your poem it is great, I hope my ex-boyfriend would of thought like you do

Loreen Ortiz at 2005-08-08

Ilove your poem and I hope my ex-boyfriend would of thought like you

Pamela at 2005-08-09

awesome poem, and congratulations im sure he will make u proud! loved tha poem, brought a tear to my eye!

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