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marina14 ( F C ) at 2011-12-16

This is such a sad poem i almost cried

Randy East ( F P C D ) at 2011-12-16

This is an amazing poem but such a sad ending! Which is cool dont get me wrong.
the the whole thing kept me extremely interested.
It reminds me of one of my poems, that starts out in the same manner and becomes really sad in the end.

I have a challenge for you, much like my poem, both poems have the ability to add a new segment to them at the end that changes everything and reverts back to a happy ending.
In your case they could meet in heaven.

In my poems case... well... I'd have to think of something.

which brings me to my challenge, what do you say we write a "part 2" to our poems that creates a happy ending and then compare results afterwards. We wouldnt have to update the poem, rather just have two versions saved.
just a thought, I would do it... if you would

first you'll have to read my poem

its called
Shut in Heaven

Dark Love at 2011-12-29

*clapping* That was amazing!!!!! I'm crying right now. I loved everything about this peice, the use of dialouge, the rhyme scheem, the use of third person everything. I commend your work!!!

Kasy at 2011-12-30


Chicken Soup ( F C ) at 2012-01-02

It's like the notebook everytime I read it . Always wakes water into my dry eyes.

sweetlhuv at 2012-01-07

Nice touches my heart..true love never dies..maybe not now, but in the second life love continues..keep on writing!

mikaylar at 2012-01-13

Wow... there is alot behind this one you are extreamly talented.

june at 2012-01-14

That's magnificent i'm speechless

Ricky ( C ) at 2012-01-15

Wow this is wow
Very nice!!!

IbaKer at 2012-01-17

Is it what really happen to you? The poem is filled with sadness yet it shows the true love of a person that even if they're gone, love does not end, it always be there in your heart.

I salute you and my heart goes out to you. 5/5

StevenSilvernail at 2012-01-27

What a way with words I like it a lote.

Amore E Dolore ( C ) at 2012-01-27

Love is fragile and hearts are easily borken. But thank you for this beautiful story that reistalled my faith- true love never dies,is unselfish and always giving.Even in death it cares for the happiness of the beloved.

Simply beautiful.

Katherine ( P C ) at 2012-01-31

Well done. 5/5

Owner of a Broken Heart ( F P C ) at 2012-02-02

I cried. enough said

Gravity at 2012-02-03

This is so sad and sweet.
Everytime i scrolled down I felt my face getting closer.

zoya at 2012-02-06

Wowww loved the poem....!

Lexxie Quintana at 2012-02-06


Cedric Poottaren at 2012-02-07

It's just great! Can't stop myself from crying!

Cathy at 2012-02-09

You made me cry!!!!! that is a hard thing to do!! amazing poem!!!! <3

BeMusEd at 2012-02-09

Wow...One of the best poem I ever read so sweet though it has a sad part... I was really touch with your poem..

Keep up the good work...

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