Cute love quotes

A Real Man can love you when your right, love you when your wrong, love you when your weak, love you when your strong, take you higher when the worlds got you feeling low, and give you comfort when he thinks your feeling hurt.

by Independent ( P D )
at 2008-01-17

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u make dorky faces
Ur boobs ant dat big
Ur hair in da mornin is horrible!
& sometimes u b smilin 4 no reason

but still, I wouldn't know all that if u aren't the girl I wake up with every morning... I love u :)

by li1vi3tba11a
at 2008-01-18

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A game og Truth Or Dare.

Her: Truth or dare?
Him: Dare.
Her: I dare you to love me.
Him: Too late

If Only!

by Joey
at 2008-01-19

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No camera could ever capture the pain in her eyes when she sees him ..
but he sees it when he looks back...
but he looks away cause even he cant take the pain...
even though he caused it..

by MzLonely
at 2008-01-20

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If you really want to know why i cant stop loving you... Its that whenever we are together the way you look into my eyes and the way i look into yours makes me feel that we both will be locked together with no one in between..

by Jordan
at 2008-01-30

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It's sad when people you know became people you knew. when you walk right past someone like they were never a big part of your life. and how you use to be able to talk to them for hours and now you can barely stand looking at them.

by bbyiloveyou
at 2008-02-06

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All she wants is to taste your lips,
hear your voice and feel the touch of your fingertips.

by Sirrah ( D )
at 2008-02-09

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Real love storys never have a happy ending, because real love storys never end.<3

by BabiiGirl ( F )
at 2008-08-13

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Boy; Why do you love me?
Girl; Because... you're perfect!
Boy; No, I make you cry, perfect boyfriends don't make girls cry.
Girl; No, but they dry their tears when they do.


by Carlos
at 2008-02-15

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I DonT waNt tO BE THe gIrl EH pOInTs AT And tElL hiS fRiEndS thATs HEr;; i WAnt To BE tHE girL in hiS ArMs tHat HE tElLs hIs fRIends tHis IS HEr

by rachelle ( F P )
at 2008-02-20

rating: 5.0
votes: 7

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