Cute love quotes


by ◊•°รңคภ°•◊ ( F P C D )
at 2006-06-23

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See, the thing is if i admit that i fell in love with you, you'll go and make it my greatest mistake.

by sherise
at 2006-06-24

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We were given two legs to walk, -
two eyes to see
two ears to listen
two hands to hold
but only one heart... you just have to find the other one

by ♥OnLy OnE hEaRt To GiVe♥
at 2006-06-25

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He whispered to her, the only way i could ever hurt you... is by holding your hand to tight

by Cindy
at 2006-07-01

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If its gunna rain i hope it pours;;thunder and lighting like never before;;cause thats how i feel here in my heart;;if its gunna rain let the storm start.

by | A s h l e y |
at 2006-07-04

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its like taking me to the highest mountain
showing me the world
this is everything you can`t have

by :)iloveematthew ( F )
at 2006-07-05

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Beautiful Girl with pretty eyes ;;

A hidden world, of hurt and lies.

She sits up in bed at night and cries.

It's so hard but she starts to realize...

Love isn't all 'weak in the knees' and 'butterflies

by XoX KaLLi FoRNiaGuRL XoX ( F )
at 2006-07-07

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Shes the one kind of girl who loves
her friends more than life itself &
laughs about pretty much everything
cuz she can - & thats what she thinks
lifes all about: having the time of your life

by 4eva no1s ( F )
at 2006-07-08

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Don't find love, let love find you. That's why it's
called falling in love, because you don't force
yourself to fall, you just fall.

by karen ( P )
at 2006-07-11

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You`ll never understand a
quote - until you`ve lived it.

by Tiana aka Lil T ( F )
at 2006-07-17

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