Cute love quotes

&&*. Remember when we were dancing, and you pulled me in and kissed me?

I hope the b.u.t.t.e.r.f.l.i.e.s were mutual.♥

by Jaime ( F P C D )
at 2006-10-26

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"It's these three little words i just want to say.
Three little words that would make my day.
Three little words that will make you stay.
These words are so close, yet they're so far away!"

by creasy ( F P C D )
at 2005-04-10

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Girl:"Why do you love me?"

Boy: "Because your my blessing from heaven, my sweetheart from earth, my star at night, and my sunshine during the day."

by HvNxThe Fallen Vampirex ( F P C D )
at 2008-09-02

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I love you more than words can show
I think about you more than you’ll ever know
Now and forever remember this is true
No one can love you as much as I do.

by Kate
at 2003-11-03

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I ran up the door,
closed the stairs,
said my pajamas,
and put on my prayers,
turned off the bed,
hopped in the light,
all because you kissed me goodnite!!!

by shamira
at 2003-11-10

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True love cant possibly have a happy ending because real true love never ends

by gina perri
at 2004-06-21

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*I feel SORRY for YOU, there WAS girl THAT would HAVE done ANYTHING for YOU, she MIGHT not BE the PRETTIEST girl OR the SMARTEST girl, BUT i CAN gaurantee YOU that SHE would HAVE given YOU the WORLD*

at 2005-09-06

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It doesn't matter what you did, when you did it, or who you did it with, cause i love you for who you are now, not who you were.

by Ben ( F P C D )
at 2004-08-11

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For better or worse till death do us part i'll love you with every beat of my heart...I swear...
I swear---John Michael Montgomery

by Kali
at 2004-08-12

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When you truly love someone, they are the only person in the world who has the power not only to make you smile but to make you cry too

by Stephanie Ware
at 2004-10-17

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