Funny love quotes

Let's flip a coin...
Heads...we'll be together
Tails...we'll flip again

by Katie
at 2007-07-22

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votes: 28

I'm the kind of girl that laughs at her mistakes,
so pardon me if I laugh in your face.

by modern*day*barbie ( F )
at 2008-05-11

rating: 4.9
votes: 28

Did you know that Cinderella didn't have to
take her dress off to win her prince? She had
romance without regrets and she didn't lose
anything she couldn't get back the next morning.

by Kail ( F P C D )
at 2008-07-09

rating: 4.9
votes: 28

Him: What time should i ask to be home?
Her: Never.
Him: Deal. . . think mom'll go for it?
Her: If not, i'll kidnap you.
Him: Its not kidnapping if i go willingly
Her:...pretend to fight me then!

by Broken Disaster ( F P C D )
at 2008-11-04

rating: 4.9
votes: 28

Why does it seem that when ever you like someone your best friend likes him too?

by Taylor ( F P C )
at 2005-10-08

rating: 4.9
votes: 27

The ~NicE~ men are *ugly*...

The ~HanSomE~ men are *mean*...

And The ~NicE~ and ~HanSomE~ men are *gay*...

by ღX~*♥Cez♥*~Xღ ( F P C )
at 2006-05-01

rating: 4.9
votes: 27

Mental anxiety,
Mental breakdowns,
Menstrual cramps,
Did you ever notice how all our problems begin with MEN!

by LiL Shaawty ( P )
at 2006-08-03

rating: 4.9
votes: 27

If i had a ticket to heaven
and you didnt have one too
i'd tear my ticket to pieces
and go to hell with you

by SheLovesHim PerfectlyPerfectTog ( F P )
at 2007-09-12

rating: 4.9
votes: 27

I'm the kind of girl that laughs at her mistakes,
so pardon me if I laugh in your face

by Precoius_Dreams_ox ( F P )
at 2007-09-16

rating: 4.9
votes: 26

U can be a dime but im a diamond cause dimes get spent and diamonds are forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by rhonda
at 2006-09-11

rating: 4.9
votes: 24

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