Funny love quotes

What can i say about your eyes when they make me forget that am riding a BIKE!!!!

by nanda
at 2012-03-26

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The worst part of loving u is watching u love somebody else.

by janelle
at 2006-02-07

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A person knows he has found his true love when he calls that
person and says: Honey, I just killed someone. And that person's
response is: where do we hide the body?

by Ashley Lynn ( F P )
at 2005-09-11

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Love is when you miss him
even before he leaves when you
could listen to him talk all night and
never get tired of hearing his voice
when the sound of his name
sends chills down your spine
and you see his smile
the second you close your eyes

by courtnayy
at 2005-11-24

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Boys will be boys && girls will fall for it every time

by lovin*him*but*so*unwanted
at 2005-12-15

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Girls are ike telephones they like to be held and talk to. but if you push the wrong button you will be disconnected

by Layonna
at 2006-04-14

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Alcohol isn't the answer, but it sure as hell makes you forget the question!!

by Black and White
at 2006-05-06

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You know what love is? When he makes you feel like the happiest woman alive and still manages to make you want to run him over.

by Snowdrop
at 2008-08-08

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Before you go off bragging to all of your friends that you broke it off i already told them. and you know what they said?
"You're Too Good For Him Anyways"

by Ashlick ( F )
at 2007-01-23

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Kneen: hey
YOU: whats up?
KNEEN: chillin thinking about you
YOU:oh thats nice what am i doing in your thoughts?

by kneen ( F )
at 2008-01-25

rating: 4.9
votes: 16

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