Funny love quotes

Don't worry about me, I'll be perfectly fine,
Cause the way I see things, it's your loss not mine!

by Serena ( F P C )
at 2004-11-10

rating: 4.8
votes: 35

I promise you this
not today but one day
You will look back on this and say
"dayumm, that girl really did Love me "

by kristenlynnpoole ( F )
at 2008-09-11

rating: 4.8
votes: 35

Lov is when u get up,
walk all the way across theroom
to sharpen your pencil
just to walk past him
and when you get there
u find out your pencil is

by callmesarahcrew
at 2008-01-30

rating: 4.8
votes: 34

I wish I was a teddy bear sitting on your bed, so everytime you dreamnt of someone else, I could kick you in the head.

by .☆.ღ.+*~Jennifer~*+ ©
at 2006-12-02

rating: 4.8
votes: 34

You make me smile to the point where my jaw hurts.

by Captivat3d ( F C D )
at 2010-07-25

rating: 4.8
votes: 34

If men had periods theyd be bragging about what size tampon they wore

by Tania ( F P )
at 2005-12-11

rating: 4.8
votes: 33

I love him,
oh yes
He's for
and not for
so if by chance
my place...
i'll take
fist and smash

by Kristina ( F P C D )
at 2008-04-09

rating: 4.8
votes: 33


who `cares about him ? but my

heart is replying you do, stupid <3

by babyy its the new me
at 2007-04-23

rating: 4.8
votes: 32

Why do us girls complain about guys being complicated? When we ignore, that one guy who actually loves us more than the ones we chase.

by A Twist In My Story
at 2010-08-07

rating: 4.8
votes: 32

When a guy says you're sexy he's looking at your chest
When a guy says you're pretty he's looking at your face
When a guy says you're beautiful he's looking at your heart

by Jessica ( F )
at 2007-07-13

rating: 4.8
votes: 31

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