Inspirational love quotes

Can you be there,
To tear the echoes from her head,
Are you the one,
To keep her safe, she had once said,
Where should we go,
Somewhere before our blood turns red,
Just be aware,
You're not the only one that cares;

by Andy ( F D )
at 2006-03-16

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If Love is life;
We will live it...
If it's a game,
Should We play it??

My friend wrote this and i thought it was rly cute, God i love her^_^

Comments Appreciated:) xox

by Melissaa xox
at 2008-03-17

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**When One Door Closes*Another Opens…*Sometimes We Spend So Much Time Looking At The Closed Ones*We Don’t See The Ones That Oppened**

by Chelsea
at 2006-03-25

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Love is like a water
It flows naturaly
without thinking where it will go

by gelyn guinto ( F P C D )
at 2006-03-28

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---->> Why am I so afraid to lose you
when your not even myne

by lindz
at 2006-03-27

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The way I feel for you I can't describe
It’s almost too intense to verbalize
Essentially you're all I'm living for
And basically each day I just need you more & more

by blood staind wrist ( F )
at 2006-03-30

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As my heart shatters and hurts more than ever, I still seem to love you with all the little pieces.

by nicole ( D )
at 2006-03-31

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In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments that took your breath away

by Cassie
at 2006-04-02

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It's completely impossible to find a guy
who won't ever hurt you,
so go for the guy who will
make the pain worthwhile

by Krissy
at 2006-08-25

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" When we don't talk, I can hear what you're saying, when I'm wishing, I know that you're praying, when we're not together, I feel like I'm broken, when I hear your voice, it's sweet, and soft spoken."

by Meggie33 ( F P C D )
at 2006-04-03

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