Love and friendship quotes

If she says 'I don't deserve you', is this a fancy way of saying I cheated on you

by ArtistrySoul ( F C D )
at 2012-02-08

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No One Knows How Much I Care
About You...
No One Knows How Much I Think Of
No One Knows How Much I Need You,I
Miss You & I Love You.... Just My Heart Knows What You Mean
To Me...

by govind ( F )
at 2012-04-20

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" If you keep walking around looking for love with your head down, you'll miss what's right in front of you."

by Andrew Santarita ( P )
at 2008-02-10

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If you love someone with a reason...
Then you used your mind...
If you love someone w/out a raeson...
Then you used your heart...

by georgeharvy
at 2003-12-09

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All i want is for one guy to prove to me that they're not all the same

at 2008-02-11

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.:*The dirty looks*:.
The jealous stares
...The best part is...
*You think I care*

by Tiffany
at 2004-07-28

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Don't be afraid of lossing me cuz u never even tried to have me....

by sakina
at 2004-07-29

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A Friend's Love says:
" If you ever need anything,
I'll be there."

True Love says:
" You'll never need anything;
I'll be there."

by chaz
at 2005-01-11

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This isnt mine i saw it in my friends profile and i thought it was cute

Meeting y0u was fate, bec0ming y0ur friend was a ch0ice, but falling in l0ve with y0u was bey0nd my c0ntr0l.

by hilary ( F )
at 2004-12-02

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Love is blind
That I can see
I can see love
But it can't see me

*..why isn't there a "secret love" category for quotes??...*

by Allen ( F C D )
at 2005-01-05

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