Love and friendship quotes

I will love you until the hell freezes..

by bhabyriz
at 2008-02-01

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I want to lay my head on your chest
And fall asleep with a smile on my face,
Because for that moment I know you're all mine
For this moment all the puzzle pieces are in place.

From my poem 'I'm In Love With You'

by Kail ( F P C D )
at 2008-03-06

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Should i just laugh and smile because we are the best of friends till the end


Should i just cry because that is all we will be is just best friends

My secret: I love you, I always loved you.

@*~ CourtneyxHolland

by AxMysteryxThatxCanxNeverxBexSolv ( F P C )
at 2008-03-08

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My challenge in life: To constantly be on his mind, while trying not to lose my own

by Baby CaN i B Ur SpEciAL GirL
at 2008-03-15

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If i cud compare my love to a sport
its gona b soccer, ur d ball and im d goalie so, evertym they kik u and hurt u id do my best 2 catch u

by harvey
at 2008-03-29

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I cAnt pRomisE tO sOlve AlL yOur pRoblEms..

bUt i cAn ListEn & tRy tO undErstAnd yOu..

becAuse AlL yOu nEed tO fiNd thE sOlutiOn is..

sOmeOne tO remind yOu..

"kyA mO yAn!...kAw pAh..."

by angiebo
at 2008-03-28

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Think of how different your life would be if you never met the one person who changed everything.

by Ava Milan ( P )
at 2008-03-31

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Being a best friend of a love one is hard. i cannot confess to him that i truly love him, because he loves another. i suffer but i want to see him happy. this is my sacrifice for him. as everyone says, "you will find love sooner or later."

by lOnElY gIrL
at 2008-04-02

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Enemies Become Friends;
Friends Become Lovers;
And Lovers become just another memory, and one more enemy.
How much more messed up could this be..?

by Katrina ( F )
at 2008-04-16

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" If i could reach up and grab a starr for every time you've made me happy. the entire night sky would be in the palm of my hand."

by Andrew Santarita ( P )
at 2008-04-18

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