Love and friendship quotes

Love is What GOD gave when he gave his son

by the one and only!
at 2005-10-13

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Love is a very strong word.
It should only be said if mean't.

by Steve Silvernail ( F P C )
at 2005-11-27

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Meeting you was by fate;;

Being your friend was by choice;;

But falling in love with you was beyond my control;;

by Karen
at 2005-11-14

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East to the sea
west to the land death to the baitch that
touches my man

by i think i love you
at 2005-11-24

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Love Comes In Cans

I can.
You can.
They can.
We all can.

by RainbowSlider ( F P C D )
at 2006-01-01

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I lie here, wondering, imagining, whats its like to kiss you, hug you, be part of you but most of all be loved by you!

by tamsyn
at 2006-01-02

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I'll be smiling when i see you
The tears wont even show
I know ill alwaiiz love you
And yet you'll never kno

by Courtz ( F C )
at 2006-01-25

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No one understands the way I feel about mysel, the everyday worries, the things I'm scared people will find out... but the one thing I'm truly scared of is that you don't feel for me, the way I do for you

by Lilo
at 2006-01-26

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"Best friends come naturally, just like love and sometimes you end up finding both"

by Kae
at 2006-02-05

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True love is when....
you shed a tear and still want him,
when he ignores and you still love him,
its when he loves another girl but you still smile and say im happy for you,when all you do is cry...

by Vanessa Medina
at 2007-01-15

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