Love quotes

And when you see me in the arms of another guy..
Just know Im only with him because you passed me by.

by Mess Of A Dreamer ( F )
at 2009-08-25

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Mysterious Love Uncertain Treasure
Hast thou more of Pain or Pleasure?
Endless torments dwell about thee
Yet who would live and live without thee?

(I memorized this so long ago that I forgot the author... something Addison maybe?)

by Brian John
at 2005-08-26

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&& all i can do is /sit/ here,


knowing your in ~love~ with


by addicted♄ ( F P )
at 2006-05-12

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&& watching someone you l.o.v.e,

l.o.v.e someone else has got to be

one of the hadest things you'll ever

have to do.xx

by addicted♄ ( F P )
at 2006-10-10

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&&*. Remember when we were dancing, and you pulled me in and kissed me?

I hope the b.u.t.t.e.r.f.l.i.e.s were mutual.♥

by Jaime ( F P C D )
at 2006-10-26

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{*} Some people {fall} in love....why did i have to {crash} into it?{*}

I really like this quote..tell me what u think!...dont worry i didnt write it..its from a movie

by Sarah
at 2005-03-09

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"It's these three little words i just want to say.
Three little words that would make my day.
Three little words that will make you stay.
These words are so close, yet they're so far away!"

by creasy ( F P C D )
at 2005-04-10

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I carved your name into this bullet. why? so that everyone would know..that you were the last thing going through my head.

by *~broken~hearted~* ( P )
at 2005-06-16

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He asked me if I was alright
and, shocked, I looked at him
after ignoring me all day.
"you ripped out my heart.
threw it on the ground.
and jumped on it several times
yeah I'm alright. dumbass."

by ToRn-AnD-4eVeR-BrOkEn
at 2006-07-28

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Sometimes you have to follow your heart,
even if it's somewhere you're not supposed to be.

by Rachel
at 2010-07-25

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