Love quotes

.·:* Those nights
*:·. When u can't fall asleep...
·: * Maybe its because ur
*:·. In someone else's
.·:* D r e a m s

by Chelsea
at 2006-03-25

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One day
you'll fall asleep with thoughts of me in your head;;
you'll wish I was in your arms;;
&& you'll realise you made the worst mistake of your life...

by Anula
at 2006-08-20

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He told her
cause she didn't know
She held on
while he let go
Same old story
brand new show
She said, "love me"
he said, "No."

(c) Carissa ♥

by Çår裏å ( F P )
at 2006-04-04

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You said you loved me, i said i loved you too. But theres a difference, i didnt lie to you.

by chelsae wilkins
at 2006-04-24

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Beautiful Girl with pretty eyes ;;

A hidden world, of hurt and lies.

She sits up in bed at night and cries.

It's so hard but she starts to realize...

Love isn't all 'weak in the knees' and 'butterflies

by XoX KaLLi FoRNiaGuRL XoX ( F )
at 2006-07-07

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♥ && Only You

can make my heart feel something

it's never felt before; && everytime

i'm with you i discover even more

the exact reason why you make

my heart beat for you the way it does.

by XoX KaLLi FoRNiaGuRL XoX ( F )
at 2006-10-17

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We were given two legs to walk, -
two eyes to see
two ears to listen
two hands to hold
but only one heart... you just have to find the other one

by ♥OnLy OnE hEaRt To GiVe♥
at 2006-06-25

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I wish I would have saved all the tears I\'ve cried over you........

So I could freaking drown you in them!!!

by Crystal
at 2006-03-09

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Isn`t it funny how when you want it the M0ST;
you can`t have it .. && when you have it .. you don`t
care && once you lose it .. you`d do ANYTHiNG to get it back

by ღ the pains of loveღ ( F C )
at 2006-03-21

rating: 5.0
votes: 9

I wish i was 8 again,
cause all he had to do was tag me
and i was it

by Jen
at 2006-03-14

rating: 5.0
votes: 9

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