Love quotes

Carry me home and kiss me goodnight, love me forever and hold me tight, show me you love me and show me it right, babe for you i would do anything-sweet dreams and goodnight.

by Jeanine
at 2006-03-19

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-=-people ask me,"why'd you let go of something that amazing?" a tear rolled and i replied,"who said i let go?"-=-

by Rylee
at 2006-04-24

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You say you listen with all your heart,
so do you hear my silent screaming?

by Scott
at 2006-01-20

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You think you love him
you have no clue why.
you can cry no more
your eyes have gone dry.
no one ever said love would be this hard.

by OrGaNiC
at 2006-02-21

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"Not being able to be with someone who you see day after day is like sitting on the edge of heaven, your able to see the paradise before you but the gate is locked, and the key is forever lost in your torment."

by Cody Dennis
at 2006-01-23

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If you want me to lie,
I can say nothing is wrong,
Say I'm not crying,
Say that I'm over you,
And that I never loved you

because "us" was never real.

by Kelly Schucker ( F C )
at 2006-02-11

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Your deceiving lips are still the only ones I've kissed,

The angry shards of my broken heart still puncture,

I still think only of you.

I hopelessly cannot get over you and I being

"Just friends".

by Absolute Broken Perfection ( F C )
at 2008-03-19

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Love is ...
Running into his arms,
Colliding with his heart,
And exploding into his soul.

by *Danai*
at 2006-11-01

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If you love someone tell them because hearts are often broken by words left unspoken!

by Sara Lane
at 2006-04-07

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&he held me close and whispered,
dont tell anybody about tonight.
i turnned around and walked away,
wondering why it happened when we both knew it wasnt right.</3

by karissa ( F P )
at 2007-02-17

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