Pink Elephants

by Sammi

There is a pink elephant in the room
not a small one either
There is a enormous pink elephant on the couch between us
and yet we both continue to ignore it...

We look around the elephant
our views of each other skewed
We speak louder but calmer
trying to be heard over the trumpeting noise

Every now and then we bump into it
but quickly step back in fear
Who knows what secrets a pink elephant hides
Or what will happen if we go near it

Every now and then, we dust it off
Or push it a little further into the dark
but its hard to ignore a pink elephant
I don't understand how you do it so well

Everywhere I go it follows me
I can never run fast or far enough
There is a pink elephant by my side
And its growing in size by the night

I'm running out of rooms to fill
Turning now from pink to fuchsia
getting louder, making me quieter
I just don't seem to know what to do
when there's a fuchsia pink elephant filling every room


Submission date : 2008-03-17
Last edit : 2008-03-17

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