A Letter to You

by Chaye

A letter to you:

I love you still
Why can't you see
How much I miss you

Look at me closely
And you will see
All the pain you put me through
And all the hurt you've caused me

Don't act like you don't care
because I know you do
You need to grow up
And decide what to do

Stop trying to take the easy way out
You can't runaway from your problems forever
Because I'll never go away
I'm not giving up

So do something for me now
And think of me and you
Can you honestly tell me
You haven't miss us

Think of all the good times
That we used to have
And eventually
I know you'll miss us too

Go ahead and lie to me
It will not be a shock
Tell me you never loved me
Tell me you never cared
But don't worry
I am not going to listen
I am not going to care
Because I know it's not true

We've been through this before
You tell me a lie
And then I look in your eyes
I can see the truth in them

Why can't you just
Say you love me too
Is it so hard to do

You say you don't want to hurt me
But do you think lying
Is making it better
All your doing is hurting me
Even more than before

Stop worrying about everyone else
this is about me and you
No one else's opinion matters
Why can't you see that

I'm not going to listen
To anyone else but you
I'm through with the rumors
The drama
And especially the lies

So tell me the truth now
Do you want me to walk away
Or stay with you here

You may want to give up
But I am still going to try
Nothing is going to stop me
Unless I die

But now that I think about it
I already am
I'm dead to the world
Because you're all I ever think about
And you don't even care

I can't hang out with my friends
Without you coming up in the conversation
They won't say it
But I know they're
Tired of it too

My family never sees me
Because I'm always in my room crying
And when they do get to see me
I show no emotion at all

I know I am hurting everyone around me
But I am to the point
That I don't care anymore
The only thing that will make me smile
Would be for me to be in your arms again

I guess I just want you to see
How much I love you
And how miserable I am
Without you

Nothing will change my feelings for you
Not even when you go away
And leave me forever

I'll think of you then
Just as much as I do now
I'll love you as much then
As I love you now

I want you to be happy
And if you can honestly tell me
You don't love me anymore
I will walk away
And never look back

I know it will hurt me badly
But I don't care
I'll find a way to lose my pain
In whatever way I can

So decide what you want to do
Don't worry about hurting me
I'm a big girl now
I can deal with the pain

You not going to hurt me
I just want the truth
So tell me now
Before I walk away
And do something stupid
That you and I will both regret

I'll love you then
I love you now
I'll alway love you till the end


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noha ( F P C D ) at 2008-04-14

Waw is not enough as i feel every words you write as i exactly i feel the same but i couldnt write it and you did a great jop,my love do like yours take the short way and give up and i try to fight alone, you see the love in there eyes but no word to say, like he not carring like before and i dont want to hurt you i hear it alot but to be honest they carring more than before and they hurt them self much more but why give up if this love so pure and strong, i keep ask my self this? and i dont know the answer yet,realy great work and 5/5 i wish for you the best and keep fight for him.
i write my last poem and i cant write anything alse it called I LOVE YOU SO I WILL LET YOU GO. but i lie to my self as i cant let him go but this is what he want to i will voite to you in weekly contest good luck.

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summer at 2008-04-14

niceeeeee >O<

kelsey at 2008-04-15

This is so true...... i love it!!!!! great job

Rbel ( F C ) at 2008-04-15

Wow your love sticks like glue wish i had a girl like you

Failure ( F P C ) at 2008-04-17

This made me cry :(

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