Not Good Enough...

by Simply Trying

I can't feel my heart
It's tearing me apart
I can't go on much longer
Can't grow any stronger
Not sure how long i'll last
Crying over memories from the past
Someone end this pain
I'll never be the same
Soon i will die
And she will not cry
She has forgotten about me
Only have her in my dreams
Don't know What I have become
My heart has grown numb
I can't take it anymore
They all just ignore
This is my last resort
This life has been too short
This is my final goodbye
Sorry If I wasn't your perfect guy


Submission date : 2008-04-17

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XD XxBaBy GiRlxXSmoKiN HoT ( F P D ) at 2008-05-08

Baby that wont happen wen im around... u will always have a hole hart plus my hart... baby i love u

Bella ( F P C ) at 2008-05-25

Great one !! very touching. I can relate to this poem and I think you've done a great job with it.

Tina Marie ( C ) at 2008-07-04

This is a sad and touching poem. having the feeling you are not good enough doesnt feel great but never think you are not good enough for anyone . it makes you feel more worse inside then you already did

Darla at 2008-10-09

Thats really good....
thanks for writting comments on mine

Sofie1991 at 2008-11-17

Know how you feel ..
I just LOVE this poem , it really touched me ..

Keep up the good work

- Sofie

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