I Already Miss You

by Kayla

Looking back on everything,
I still remember his smile.
I wish things didn't end so soon,
And turn back time for awhile.

No matter how much it hurts,
I still love him so.
A part of me needs him so much,
Can't seem to let him go.

Knowing I won't be able to see him,
Makes my heart cry out in pain.
I can't believe we won't talk anymore,
The thought makes me wanna go insane.

He was my reason for waking up,
For the smile you see on my face.
Going a single day without him,
Makes me feel so out of place.

I was afraid of opening up,
Now I'm afraid of the next day.
Whenever I see him one last time,
I'm terrified of what he may say.

I know tomorrow will hurt,
But the tears will fade away.
Life is too short for regrets,
There will be a brighter day.

But when I see him one last time,
I won't know what to do...
When he tells me that last goodbye,
I'll whisper,"I already miss you.."

I wrote this poem because tomorrow is my last day of school. Which means the last day I'll ever see my crush until August. Things will change, feelings will change, but I'll miss him like crazy until I can see him again. Thanks for reading.. hope you enjoyed. <33




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Justin at 2011-06-13

Great job. i can relate to it. its what im going threw right now

A Dreamer ( F P C D ) at 2011-10-02

Wow excellent piece. I know how you feel or felt. I must commend you on a magnificent job well done.

anju rao at 2013-06-12

Wow really amazing

Moises Delgado at 2013-06-26

Wow that was really good and I'm sure something will happen don't give up on him try to get to know him good luck :)

Shiba263 at 2013-08-17

I love this poem, lol know how it feels

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