by Krysten

ready for a meltdown
its time to give you up
ready to hit the road
ready to self-destruct
to much time already gone
just to have you do me wrong
I'm ready to move on with my life

I'll drive 3,000 miles
just to get you outta my head
I'll rip my heart right out
to forget the things you said
I'll do anything i have to do
if it means I'll be rid of you
cuz I'm ready for a change
tired of playing the same old games

ready for a tantrum
its no time to behave
ready for attention
ready for a tidal wave
to long I've been here waiting
just to live through another heartbreaking
I'm ready to move on with my life


so I'm saying goodbye
packing my bags
time for you to finally face facts
I'm moving on with my life
ready for someone to treat me right



Submission date : 2008-05-23

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lizzy at 2008-05-30

Wow this song is great im sure ill see one of your songs on charts in the next few years!

Confessions at 2008-05-30

Awww that should be sung by some famous singer someday!! Great lyrics.. =)

staci at 2008-05-31

Have you actually sung this, or given it to someone to sin for you. this is good.
take care .x.stace.x.

Kalie Cullen at 2008-05-31

Think you can find a tune for it? Try and get it out. I'd like to hear it!!!!

ArtistrySoul ( F C D ) at 2012-08-01

I didn't really get this song, some parts of the song sounded cheesy and some were good.

overall i thought it was ok, but try not to use too much repetition in a song because it makes it boring, hope that helps :)

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