by Rachelle

Bottled up inside
are the words I never said
The feelings that I hide
The lines u never read.

You can see it in my eyes
you can read it on my face
Trapped inside are lies
Of the past I can't replace.

With memories that linger
Won't seem to go away
Why can't I just be happier?
Today's a brand-new day.

Yesterdays are over
Even though the hunting's not
Nothing lasts forever
I must cherish what I've got.

Don't take my love for granted
For soon it will be gone
all u ever wanted
was the love u thought you'd won.

The hurt I'm feeling
Won't disappear over night
But someway, somehow,
Everything will be all right.

No more wishing for the past
It wasn't meant to be
It didn't seem to last,
So I have to set him free.


Submission date : 2008-07-08
Last edit : 2008-08-22

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Latest comments

Poetry Knight ( F C ) at 2008-08-23

Good poem, keep up the good work, got to go to work now, take luck.

Ashurii Rayne ( F P C ) at 2009-03-21

A thoughtful and beautiful write. excellent flow and form. the first four lines were perfect, a great opener. keep writing you have great talent. 5/5.


Shattered Dreams ( F P C ) at 2009-03-21

Aww, this was a very good poem, i loved the rhyming and flow of the poem. great job

kevin boundy ( F P C D ) at 2009-03-25

That was definitely an incredible write! great structure, great flow, great emotion, great wording, and the tone was perfect 5/5

Dead People Dont Die ( F P C D ) at 2009-06-06

I like it. Try to be less obvious with your rhymes though. Face and replace rhyme but it makes it obvious. Face and ways don't rhyme but they sound so much alike. It's a pseudo rhyme.

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