One phone call away

by Ingrid

To my dearest friend David

An encouragement given long ago
To always share your love freely
And to never be jealous of others,
For you will always have the biggest part of me

------Do you remember these words, dear heart?

Angel of beauty you named me
And I wear it with pride
Come rain or shine
My feelings for you will never subside

All I want is your happiness
That is how true love should be
Taking one step back now
So you will feel free

Rest assure, you will never be alone
I am just a phone call away
If you ever should need me
For I will love you forever and a day


Submission date : 2008-09-05

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Latest comments

kerry at 2008-10-02

Oh this was amazing x

stephanie ( F P C ) at 2008-10-28

Oh my gosh...i love this...its so romantic and i just really love it!

Shokry ( F C ) at 2008-10-29

It's full of true feelings..

good luck.. 5/5

unspokken ( C ) at 2008-11-07

Ahhhh. You write such good poems; I love them. You can really tell how you feel, like you really get the emotions out and the point across

Reaching out for help ( F P C ) at 2008-11-14

This sounds like one of those tough relationships where one has to let go even while still loving another, that's so tough, but you did a great job portraying the emotion :) and it seems you are a great friend

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