Here Stands the Glass

by Twisted Heart

When pain has tipped the heart of glass
And time finds no relief
So many things may come to pass
Stay true inside the grief
Where turns the clock that spins the soul
If trouble comes along
To chill the hurt and find the hole
Inside the heart done wrong

Somewhere beneath the moonlit glow
A burden's left to bear
Against the winds of winter's snow
A heart's caught unaware
Deep in the mind a turmoil comes
To shatter life it seems
Leaves the wounded heart unstrung
Among the broken dreams

Upon the shards of glass are tears
That time may try to heal
Inside the mind are wasted years
The soul tries hard to feel
But come the day that pain is eased
With hope the heart is caste
No strings to twine the pain apeased
'Til then...
Here stands the glass


Submission date : 2009-07-21

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Latest comments

Cindy ( F P C D ) at 2009-07-28

Congrats Jeannie :)
Love Cindy

Attila Nyitrai at 2009-07-31

Good job! i like this poem! 5p

Leona at 2009-08-01

A beautiful and very well-written poem. Good job.

Khrista Brewster at 2009-08-02

Wow, i love this one. some people don't know how exactly to write poetry. but i gotta say, you do :) keep it up..

waiting for the unknown ( P ) at 2009-08-02

Bloody brilliant. The flow was beautiful and it had a terrific timeless class to it. five out of five stars!

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