I Still Love You

by TheVampire

Even though we fight,
I walk my days with no fright,
for it's not you i fear,
but without you being here.

A fear i believe to be untold,
it is you i want to behold,
in my arms where you belong,
fall asleep to your lullaby song.

Recently we've yelled and we've fought,
but neither of us have put it in thought,
how much we are really missing each other,
and how in life we dont want to find another.

No matter how bad of a day it was to me,
it is only you who I want to see,
after all these things we have been thru,
what I want to say is that I still love you.


Submission date : 2010-10-17

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Latest comments

TheVampire ( F P C ) at 2010-10-19

Thank you both so much.

daisy Rebollar at 2010-10-19

Wat ahh qreat poem. so true. all poems lyk thisz remindd me of myy first love): he passedd awayy and dat wasz dhaa worst experiencee iHave evaa qonee trhu);

TheVampire ( F P C ) at 2010-10-19

I'm really sorry daisy

Fear2love ( F P C D ) at 2010-10-20

Damn... this poem is so true :) cute lol 5/5

Sable at 2010-11-09

This is a great poem, nice and very true. Best of luck.