If You... :D

by Hallucinostic

If you were a "booger", I won't blow my nose.
If you were a "drug", I guess I'll overdose.
If you were a "brain", I will always think, I think?
If you were "feet", girl, you will never stink.
I'll never, ever wear the same socks twice.
I promise not to use shoes that are not your size.
I'll savor your aroma that is so chocolatey sweet.
I'd love to tickle them toes baby, that is, if you were feet.

If you were a "year", you'll always be new.
If you were "coffee", Starbucks' would be ew! compared to you.
If you were "glue", I'll stick around with you.
If you were a "color", y'know I'll never make you blue.
Purple yes, Barney-purple probably.
My favorite time is in the shower singin' "I love you, you love me...".
I might mumble and the lyrics may get jumbled.
Come here sing with me and, BABY! Welcome to the jungle!

If you were "marijuana", I won't say "I'll pass.".
If you were "dance", see me shake my sexy, skinny..... Thang!
If you were a "tire", you'll never get flat.
If you were "food", you'll never get me fat.
Chinese food, Sushi, tv remote? Or whatever's in the freezer,
cooking delicious YOU will always be a leisure.
Eating YOU makes me forget everythi-"HOLY SH!T! The kitchen's on fire!
Anyways, you're hotter baby, my only burning desire.

If you were a "sleeping bag", I'd love to sleep all day.
If you were a "beard", I'll never, ever shave.
If you were a "camping trip", I'll live my life in a tent.
If you were a "love story", I'd never want it to end.
It will start and we'll always stay happy,
I won't mind if there are times that are too sappy.
After all, it is your smile that I'm after,
and of course, your love, forever after.


Submission date : 2011-07-15
Last edit : 2011-07-23

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omar ( F C D ) at 2012-06-30

Nice poem dude. Keep it up

Infinite Catastrophe aka Alisha ( F P C D ) at 2012-08-14

This is the funniest, sweetest.. BEST love poem I have ever read!

I love your unique spin. A very enjoyable read.

Write more! 5/5

help me find myself ( F C D ) at 2012-12-25

I loved this poem (:

aubreynicole ( F P C D ) at 2013-01-05

Oh..my gosh...I'm in love with this poem.... great work:D

StormyStar ( F P C D ) at 2014-03-14

When I'm sad I read this poem and it makes me laugh everytime:) just thought I'd let you know :D I love your writing :)

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