Remainders Of a Broken heart

by La Reina De Corazones

Leave me bleeding on the floor please
I beg that you don't touch me
For if you do you might as well kill the rest of the girl you broke to shreds

Broken shards of a broken heart i pray to hell for it to mend itself
Knowing you're not going to give me a hand in mending my broken heart i curse your name for causing this insanity
Blood coming out of a never ever mending wound in my heart i cry

Looking at a mirror i see a stranger
She has no resemblance to the girl i was once
Saddened eyes a broken spirit lays upon the face i once knew
Gone is the confident girl that i was before i became the soulless girl you destroyed
And the sad part was that i was ready to tell you i loved you if you had waited a bit more
But you didn't care you just killed her!


Submission date : 2011-12-14

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Jacob ( F D ) at 2011-12-14

I totally understand! Fantastic poem!

Georgia ( F C ) at 2011-12-14

This is beautiful and powerfully written 5/5

Innocent Fairy ( F P C D ) at 2011-12-15

Wow such deep grave emotion and heartfelt and touching I relate to the broken heart had a few myself kinda how u stop believen in love and how much it hurts,,you wrote this poem greatly I loved reading it had so much imagery and deepness and emotion 5/5

Jaida ( F C ) at 2012-02-02

I like this alot...

Khalid ( F P C D ) at 2012-12-18

Totally emotional, full of feelings. I loved it my friend. Keep penning.

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