Deserving Hope

by Overrated

Soaring in wonder
Be free from confusion
If perfect is His plan
Faithful is your devotion

A victim of his charms
Seeking to capture your light
Passionately soiled in respect
I have the urge to incite
Pleading on your behalf
You're undoubtedly worth the fight
Hoping you receive my voice
You deserve one who brings you delight

Words cannot express thy worth
You are truly a treasure of the soul
With confidence in mind
Encouragement is my goal

Truly blessed by our God
Beautiful lady with a heart of gold
Patiently waiting despite your desires
Allow his feelings to unfold
Tarnished by my words
Forgive me for being bold
For you deserve better
If you have never been told

Holding on tight
I pray you never let go
Trust in His Will
And it will be so

Spiritually motivated
You warrant overwhelming affection
Delaying to fortune with life
Provokes my objection
Emotional about your needs
I am overflowing with appreciation
Seeking guidance from above
Receive His wisdom and direction

May you join together
Two pieces that fell apart
When your happiness is achieved
His efforts should restart

Attentively listening
You need someone who understands
A vow is a promise to honor you
Pleased to follow your commands
The honesty in these words
Should be met with able hands
Together you may fall
But true love withstands

Yearning to share your beat
With the heart that was created
In time God will reveal
What now seems complicated


Submission date : 2015-06-13

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