Laying here

by Purple Sparkles

Laying here thinking to myself,
What would it take to take the sadness
And pain away by turning it into laughter.
Sometimes I wish kisses would take it away,
But maybe I'll try it out someday.

Laying here just thinking of what to write,
Just so I can make you smile just a little bit.
Maybe I'll try a little hard.
Believe or not,
I enjoy our random trips we used to do.
We laugh or curse when others were the worse.
Do you remember when they kicked us out,
We were so clueless,
I guess we forgot our halo
Or we should have burnt the place down cause that was a joke!

I lay here laughing at all the memories
And how they still feel alive like it happened yesterday.
How we spotted each other secretly,
How I wanted to see if you'll be there the next Wednesday,
And all didn't feel wrong just bitter more sweet for us being taken at that time.
It's funny how now and then was,
But I still love you...
Just working my way to you slowly.



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