Dont leave

by Dashia Harvey

And all my turns was because I love you
I missed you I wanted to be with you
I didn't want you to leave
couldn't understand why I deserved you
I wanted to cry ( so I did ) because it felt never ending ( because it was )the tears came down my cheek
so I hide my face you felt me shivering
so you held me tight it felt so wonderful the whole night
y because I didn't want you to......... Leave.
To feel every bit of you every heart beat
every breath that you took every I love you
because I didn't want you to leave
you asked what's wrong I couldn't say
then the tears came again because
I didn't want you to leave.


Submission date : 2015-07-30

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dashia Harvey at 2015-07-30

Tell me what you guys think

Ben Pickard ( F C D ) at 2015-08-13

I enjoyed this one too. Keep writing.
All the best,

dashia Harvey at 2015-08-13