Unwithering Romances

by DarkLight

I could write of you,
of how much I miss you,
the warmth you bring in my heart everytime I hear from you,
I choose not to say that,
Wanna relive the memories of my happy days,
days when the only dove with lovely message was you.
Days when we could stay past wee hours talking of nothing crazy but what made us smile and believe that life was as beautiful as we could paint it on the walls of our rooms.
A chapter was torn out,
burnt and made to believe it's forgotten.
We smile we laugh,
We have fun and enjoy,
A chance I really miss with you.
I wont write,
I wont talk of out past
Wont write of what might have been or what will be.

Today I write just to say goodnight my love.
The joy that completes me.

I love you BB.


Submission date : 2015-08-06

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Ben Pickard ( F C D ) at 2015-08-07

Another lovely write. I enjoyed this a lot.