Spiritual love.

by DarkLight

How can we be miles apart yet feel this different.
How can love be what brings joy yet still be the carrier of most pain.
I long to hold you closer,
Kiss you passionately 'til you forget the aroma of roses.
My wish would be to teleport to your presence.

TRUE act of how much I miss you my love,
that wont happen tonight,
For I have tried,
now and before.
My breathing will say much,
Since my mind has you occupying.
A day at a time,
Until our fingers interlock,
and after
My mind will be your palace.
Place to watch you my muse,
my tear drop of joy,
music from a rattling winds,
only made for my ears,
And mine alone.


Submission date : 2015-08-06

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Latest comments

Ben Pickard ( F C D ) at 2015-08-06

"Kiss you passionately 'till you forget the aroma of roses" - lovely and a great write

cassie hughes ( F P C D ) at 2015-08-07

Beautiful and full of emotion and longing. A wonderful write.