Challenged Love - Bio- 1962-2016

by Trisha Gustafson

He and she were of different colors
In times of racial strife and intolerance.
He was black and handsome.
She was blond and pretty.
But others only saw them as threats
To their "rights" of superiority.
They only felt what was in their hearts
Ignoring stares and perverse remarks.

New challenges tried to change this love.
They traveled different paths.
He trying to fulfill his hopes and dreams
She struggling to escape the past.

Many years came and went.
Their love lost but not forgotten.
Though remembered only in glimpses
The images aroused all their senses.

Today brings on new challenges.
Challenges of renewed love
Restricted illicit forbidden love.
Love that sustained fifty years.
Now another time, another challenge.
For she is no longer free.
Will societal morality determine their fate?
Or will their rediscovered love be too late?


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