Pencil Pusher:

by Scott Cole

I am a lead pencil
I spit out the words,
All of them spoken
The same ones i heard.

Your two little fingers
Along with one thumb,
All working together
Till both red and numb.

I lose the emotions
That runeth through me,
Every single one
I didith bleed.

I work your fingers
And thumb to the bone,
So i'm writing this letter
I'm too scared to phone.

My brain is but rubber
It's kinda bright red,
For all of those times
I changed what i said.

Look past the mess
The style of my letters,
Look past the spelling
I could have done better.

When my time is done
And im laid to rest,
Placed by the side
Of my Master's desk.

Cause all of my work
It's finally all done,
A half sharpened pencil
That's hurting no one.

So here is my love letter
That i've written for you,
Cause you are the glue
Which my love sticks to.

But yes i am as serious
As is any heartattack,
For i'm a poor broken soul
That needs my heart back.


Submission date : 2016-02-12
Last edit : 2016-02-13

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