Second Chance

by Twolz

In my feelings is where you dwelled.
Deep down inside is where you were shelled.
Stored away on that awful day.
Such a mistake, oh did ever I pay.
You were the one, my only.
Once I casted you away, God was I lonely.
I left you once our love grew.
I was just scared because I knew.
I knew it was special, something very rare.
Once you left I had only despair.
I was young, and could not see.
What a wonderful thing stood right in front of me.
You are and have forever been my light, and my best friend.
For the longest time I've wanted to make amend.
This is why when you messaged me.
I was set free.
Free from regret, and free of despair.
For the longest time I thought life was unfair.
Your back now along with some complications.
But honey that's life we'll figure it out with no confrontations.
So give me a chance to win back your heart.
Such a long time we've spent apart.
I'll write the wrongs, and make you happy once more.
I'm a much better man than I was before
I'll take care of your needs, and make you see.
It is you my love, that brings out the best me.
And in time you'll come to know.
That if we sit back, we can watch our love grow.
I'll show you passion, and kindness on an unfathomable scale.
I'll shelter you from life's rain, wind, and hail.
We have a bond that no demon, or God could ever break.
Even after we're gone and it's our ashes they rake.
Our energies will live on, entangled together for infinity.
We'll bring harmony to the universe, absolute serenity.


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