A Door without a Key

by Sheila King

I wish I could tell you this as I look into your eyes
But then you'd see these tears that fall and never really dries
I never have gotten over you, can't say I ever will
My heart belongs to only you-but that's not the way you feel
I know it's been a long time since we were together
Seems like only yesterday our love would last forever
I hold a place inside my heart where one else could ever be
I locked my love for you inside- a door without a key
I hear you're moving on wish that I was too
But I could never love again the way that I love you
I'd walk away from everything to be with you again
But why fight a losing battle when I know I cannot win
A battle in my heart that has become a war
I'd die and go to hell to be with you once more
I'd walk away from all I have to make this dream come true
I give up my life and my whole world if I did not have to give up you
My heart is always yours and there you will always be
I've locked my love for you inside- a door without a key


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