Warm hugs, soft kisses

by Lyn of philippines

I was in your arms
So closed, so calmed
Silently watching butterflies around;
Little petals falling on the ground

Sitting on the grass under the shadow of a tree
The wonderful sounds of being free
The place where you in besides me
Surrounds warm air that embracing us peacefully

In your arms I was there
Closing my eyes, listening to the beat
Nothing to see but to feel
The friction of between you and me

Taking a deep breathe ,giving my soul to you
Nothing to think , nothing to do
I'm not afraid, I'm not scared
Knowing our love will never to fade

The gentle touch of your palm
On my skin, will never felt harm
The heat from your body
Slowly melting me inside

Warm hugs, soft kisses
Things, I don't wanna missed
Time's stop, everything's quite
Nothing at all, but loving this moment


Submission date : 2016-03-28
Last edit : 2016-03-28

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Latest comments

Em ( F P C D ) at 2016-03-31

I like this one, lovely scenery :)


Lyn of philippines at 2016-04-01

Thank you.