My Fairest Heart:

by Scott Cole

See my love, I told you I'd come
Your front gate was closed but I managed,
Since I'm the one doing all the suffering
It is but me that needs the bandage.

What the two of us have it runs deep
Deeper than that of either my husbands,
Our connection is just that much stronger
Than this wedding band on my left hand.

My husband, true I did meet him first
So much longer than I ever did you,
But what we have is of the youngest
Please don't make me have to chose. .

Yes, he still is apart of my heart
But you my love are my fame,
And to see you in so much hurt
Brings me constant misery and pain.

I could leave him, but he loves me
But I do promise to never leave you,
My love, we will always be together
And I will forever embrace your view.

But I'm fighting a losing battle
I can't have both my loves at once,
Though I do make time for you both
You will forever be my number one.

He has never caused me any tears
And his smile I still do marvel,
He's just the most wonderful husband
But to you my love, I'm still partial.

My husband use to be my sheltor
I felt so safe inside his eyes,
But now you are that only reason
That those treasured eyes wanna cry.

Ever since you came along my love
They couldn't seperate us with a knife,
That one who holds my heart's key
The best Christmas gift of my life.

Bye my love, my time has come
I must now turn and be on my way,
This will be the hardest part of seeing you
That second my blue skies fade to grey.

Please remember no matter who I meet
You will be my true love now and forever,
It's a shame you were stolen from me
Your company was always such a pleasure.

My love, my dearest daughter
The one that has my beautiful eyes,
And just because it's our favorite color
today for you...
I cry the blueist tears I've ever cried.


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