Beating as one

by Em

Lying close to you, holding hands
our hearts beating simultaneously
as though we are one whole being.
To feel that closeness again
is something I can but dream.
Each time I think of those times,
my heart beats irregularly
from the excitement of it all.

You lay your head on my chest
just to hear my heart beating whilst
I run my fingers through your hair
like the wind blows through the trees
and as sure as the sun does shine;
I could stay like this forever.

Copyright: Em


Submission date : 2016-05-31
Last edit : 2016-05-31

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Latest comments

Ben Pickard ( F C D ) at 2016-05-31

Hello Em

I was just looking through your poems to decide which one to have a read of and simply couldn't believe that yesterday you only posted ONE POEM! Get off your lazy backside woman and WRITE lol.
Honestly, as I've said before, your output's incredible.
As to this piece, I will just say it is a lovely write, very well written and highlights how far you have come since becoming active on the site again. Mind you, I believe a certain WIN badge does that too! Well done again, by the way.

All the very best,

Em ( F P C D ) at 2016-05-31

Haha thanks Ben your comment truly made me laugh. I shall have to get off my backside and write more just for you lol
Thanks again as always for your comments and support/advice it truly is great to be back :)

Marvellous ( F P C D ) at 2016-06-01

Memories speak louder than presence. The beauty of Life, is to care.

Em ( F P C D ) at 2016-06-01

Thanks, so true.