Forever lovers

by XXxXhes the everything i cudve asked forXxXx

Who knew I could hurt this bad
Who knew I would be this sad
You were once my true love
You were my angel sent from above
From being together day and night
One day you were just out of sight
Making moves and doing you
You really had no clue
All my pain and anger
You just up and became a stranger
Talking to one another constantly
You don't even know how this affected me mentally
My blue skies turned into dark nights
All we ever did anymore was fight
Did you really have to leave me
After everything you made me believe
I had no other choice to move on
And 7 years later..I still know I was dead wrong
You were trying to make our lives right
I just wanted you back with me at night
I met someone
He was doing the things you should have done
To this day I regret my choice
I still fall in love with you all over again when I hear your voice
We have both physically moved on
But mentally our feelings are still strong
How do we get over each other
When we promised to be forever lovers

**this is the first poem I have written since 2010**
Trying to get back into my poetry


Submission date : 2016-06-04
Last edit : 2016-06-04

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