Secret Affair

by Edward Oropeza

There is a secret I wanna tell you.
Because it is really important.
It has something to do about your future.
You came to remember and tell me about all your problems,
and that's a good choice,
because You trust me and I can be trusted too.

But there's this thing that somehow might bother you.
You feel somehow that you are obliged -to love me-
or - make what i want as your bf-to-be- sort of.

But the truth is, you are not oblige to do that.
I'm just playing a role to make you out of your pain.
To make you feel you are not alone.
To make you focused on your goals.

I'm telling you this, because i know there is a pressure on your side on behalf of my generosity--
I'm not that guy who took advantage.

And I'm happy being single without any love affair, because I don't need it.

Remember, you have no obligation to pressure yourself on me.

That means you are free, and I'm here for support.

Just follow your dreams and return me a favor when you succeed.

Hope this helps as encouragement to you.


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