What it can't be

by Mander

Sometimes things happen in life that you could never be prepared for. They catch you so off guard that you question everything you thought you knew. You try not to dwell because thinking too much is never the answer. But it replays in your mind with every little thing you do.

You want to be sorry, but you know you really aren't and Although it may be wrong, at that very moment it was exactly what we want. I know this will fade and be another day passed, so I try to move on, letting go of the past.

But my heart is full of questions, I'm scared to know the truth. My soul deep down, always looking for you. I've never tried to feel this way, knowing it couldn't be... But there is no way to describe how much you've meant to me.

Best friends forever I know that we will stay, this wound too will heal, bringing a new day. I am sorry if this is stupid, my words you can throw away...

Today is almost over, tomorrow this will all go away.


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