You Consume Me

by DarkNDangerous

You consume me with thoughts,
Full force tornado of images blinds me.
Actions speak louder than words,
Dreams scream louder than a banshee.

You consume me with feelings,
That tells me to be your future counterpart.
An earthquake of raw emotions rumbles me to the core.
Making cracks towards my heart.

You consume me with your embrace,
Fingers entangled with mine.
Lips connect like a puzzle piece,
Make me lose all conception of time.

You consume me with sin,
Glass casings of our hearts shatter.
Membranes join into one blissful existence,
My beating heart of desire lies on a silver platter.

You consume me with fear,
Rumors of the expiration date of this beautiful collision.
The never ending long and painful curse,
That haunts and devours my vision.


Submission date : 2016-07-06

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