My Sun

by Fenix Flight

Before you i was shut down
Closed off from all emotions

I figured if i shyed away
No one could hurt me

But then you strolled in
With your ego and sarcasm

I took one look
And I was caught

My flood gates opened
And I re awakened to the world

You made me feel again
And for that i am so grateful

You light up the darkness
That threatens to over take me

You keep me from falling back
Into the hell that is my mind
You give me a reason to smile
A reason to get up in the morning

Your silly and random
Your child like nature matches mine

You make me feel safe
You make me feel special

The passion I feel for you
Is something Ive never felt before

I love you
With every fiber of my being

I love you Kaleb,
Please always know that

{I Call him my sun because he lights up the darkness in my life}


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