Letting you in

by Deeplydesturbed

Scared to let you in
Not ready to open that door..
No matter how many times
you beg for me to give you more..

I realise how selfish I am
Keeping you at arms length..
But it's for your own good, and mine.
If I lost you , I'd lose my strength.

Is it time?
Am I ready?
Can I do this?
Can we be steady?

I think all this time I knew
But, excellent at hiding it and fooling even myself.
I don't think I could do it,
If it was anybody else.

I think secretly I am ready
To go one step more.
Please be waiting for me still
on the other side of the door..

My walls are slowly coming down
You can see it cant you.
Every time you look deep into my eyes
before I tear away the gaze and look down at my shoes.

If i let you in,
you have to promise to stick around
It wont be easy and I'll fight
until you feel run down.

I am sorry, I promise
I make it so hard for you
But I think I'm finally ready for those four words
Simply said, "I love you too.. "


Submission date : 2016-07-13

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Latest comments

Brenda ( F P C D ) at 2016-07-14

It really feels lovely to be able to feel secure enough with another to be able to give your heart to them. You did a wonderful job putting that into words-well done-

deeplydesturbed ( F P C D ) at 2016-07-14

Thanks Brenda :)