Treasure Map To Heaven:

by Scott Cole

There's a map to Heaven above
With each page white as a dove,
Where black lines point the way
Incase you should ever stray.

There's an X that's bright as day
Or a big cross if turned sideways,
The spot of which the treasure lays
And the secret to solve it's maze.

Theres a map to Heaven above
That's printed in sweat and blood,
For every single lost prospector
The very directions to it's nector.

Yes this map from Heaven above
This thing is creating quite abuzz,
For it's contents will enrich your life
And set free your soul from strife.

Theres a map to Heaven above
And this part I know you'll love,
Cause once you find it's inventory
You will forever shine with glory.

So memorize all of it's markings
All those black lines so charming,
And one day you shall strike it rich
With what you pull out of that ditch.


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